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Widget - Rita symboler i fysik - tillämpnings App | TI-Nspire

Publisher: T³ Sverige

Editor: Olli Karkkulainen

Author: Olli Karkkulainen

Argomento:  Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, STEM

Tags: Engineering, Physics, STEM

Med denna applikation kan du exempelvis rita kretsar, kraftfulla diagram och funktions-flödesdiagram.

How and why transition from TI-84 to TI-Nspire CX

Author: Epi van Winsen

Argomento:  Mathematics

Tags: Software, Calculus, Constructions, Curve fitting, Differentiate, Differentiation, Limit, Modelling, Parabola, Sharing Inspiration 2019

Results of the discussion group DG1.8 at Sharing Inspirations 2019.
Theme: Transition from TI-84 to TI-Nspire.

Promoting Productive Struggle that leads to Understanding

Publisher: T³ USA

Author: Jessica Kohout, Kevin Spry

Argomento:  Mathematics

Tags: Sharing Inspiration 2019

STEM projects by their very nature involve struggle through the design and implementation of solutions to problems.

How can physics and maths help each other

Author: Cathy Baars

Argomento:  Mathematics, Physics, STEM

Tags: Curve fitting, Data, Derivative, Mathematical thinking, Physics, Sharing Inspiration 2019

During SI 2019 a discussion group was dedicated to collaboration between math and physics. The material produced during this session is filed here. 5 detailed lessons and a list of possibil...

Kurvenanpassung mit der Applikation Transformation Graphing

Publisher: Texas Instruments Education Technology

Author: Hans-Ulrich Lampe

Argomento:  Mathematics

Mit der Applikation Transfrm auf dem TI-84 kann eine Parametervariation durchgeführt bzw. zu Datenpunkten eine Funktion angepasst werden

Das Spirometer zur Veranschaulichung der grundlegenden Idee der Integralrechnung

Publisher: Texas Instruments Education Technology

Author: Hans-Ulrich Lampe

Argomento:  Mathematics, Biology

Die Auswertung Messdaten des Atemluftdurchflusses durch ein Spirometer bietet ein anschauliches Beipiel für eine mittlere Änderungsrate und damit eine anschauliche Herleitung des Integralbe...

German Tank Problem

Author: Epi van Winsen

Argomento:  Mathematics

Tags: Statistics

Statistiek toepassing. Een antwoord op de vraag "Wiskunde, wat heb je eraan?"
Beoordelen van de kwaliteit van schatters door middel van simulatie.

Handleiding TI-Nspire CX 4.5

Author: Epi van Winsen

Argomento:  Mathematics

TI-Nspire CX, een zeer krachtig leermiddel. wiskundesoftware.
Wiskunde-tools altijd en overal beschikbaar, ook voor huiswerk en toetsen.

Handleiding TI-Nspire CX II (v5.0)

Author: Epi van Winsen

Argomento:  Mathematics

Tags: Number

Handleiding voor gebruik van de TI-Nspire CX II versie 5.0


Author: Epi van Winsen

Argomento:  Mathematics

Tags: Calculus, Differential equations

Een real life toepassing van een differentiaalvergelijking.
Een antwoord op de vraag: "Wiskunde, wat heb je eraan?"

Natural number biased?

Publisher: Universität Innsbruck

Author: Florian Stampfer

Argomento:  Mathematics

Tags: Number, Sharing Inspiration 2019

A technology-aided identification of profiles with respect to rational numbers

Abitur-Training – Stochastik – Baden-Württemberg 2019

Author: Stark Verlag

Argomento:  Mathematics

Tags: Stochastics

Das richtige Buch zum systematischen Training aller Lehrplaninhalte im Bereich Stochastik in der Oberstufe am Gymnasium in Baden-Württemberg.

The Rover can Power and Drive learning in the classroom

Author: Sanjeev Meston

Argomento:  Mathematics, Physics, STEM

Tags: Programming, Algebra, Coding, Functions, Graphing, Sharing Inspiration 2019, STEM, T3, TI-Innovator, TI-Innovator Rover

The Rover can Power and Drive learning in the classroom
The TI-Innovator Rover provides a great opportunity to strive for multi-dimensional STEM focused integrated learning.

Math with the Rover

Author: Bert Wikkerink

Argomento:  Mathematics

Tags: Tables, Sharing Inspiration 2019, Probability, Graphs, Exercise

Powerpoint of the workshop "Math with the Rover