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Natural number biased?

A technology-aided identification of profiles with respect to rational numbers

Publisher: Universität Innsbruck

Author: Florian Stampfer

Argomento:  Mathematics

Tags: Number, Sharing Inspiration 2019

Common Framework of Reference for the Natural Sciences (Minimum Standards)

Education in natural sciences is, just like music, literature etc., part of general education: cultural assets of humanity!

Author: Jürgen Langlet

Argomento:  STEM

Tags: Sharing Inspiration 2019

Sharing Inspiration 2019 ...for Policy Maker

Collection of materials and presentations shared and discussed at the Policy Maker's day of the conference Sharing Inspiration 2019 - The Power of Realization.

Publisher: T³ Europe

Argomento:  STEM

Tags: STEM, T3, Sharing Inspiration 2019

Math with the Rover

Powerpoint of the workshop "Math with the Rover

Author: Bert Wikkerink

Argomento:  Mathematics

Tags: Tables, Sharing Inspiration 2019, Probability, Graphs, Exercise

An Introduction to Programming with the TI-Innovator Rover

A step by step introduction to programming with the TI-Innovator Rover using the TI-Nspire CX CAS

Author: Luc Blomme

Argomento:  Computer Science, Mathematics

Tags: Programming, Sharing Inspiration 2019, Software

The development of concepts by using prefabricated applets

An important phase of learning mathematics is the realization of concepts. The learning process usually proceeds in two phases: The experimental phase and the exactifying phase.

Author: Gertrud Aumayr, Helmut Heugl

Argomento:  Mathematics

Tags: Sharing Inspiration 2019

The T³ content database - Workshop at Sharing Inspiration 2019

Take a closer look at the T³ content database and learn how you can distribute your own material.

Author: Christof Deiwiks

Tags: Sharing Inspiration 2019

The Rover can Power and Drive learning in the classroom

The Rover can Power and Drive learning in the classroom
The TI-Innovator Rover provides a great opportunity to strive for multi-dimensional STEM focused integrated learning.

Author: Sanjeev Meston

Argomento:  Mathematics, Physics, STEM

Tags: Programming, Algebra, Coding, Functions, Graphing, Sharing Inspiration 2019, STEM, T3, TI-Innovator, TI-Innovator Rover

traffic light

TI Innovator controls trafic lights and pedestrian lights that operate temporarily when necessary

Author: Christian Zöpfl

Argomento:  STEM

Tags: Optimization, Sharing Inspiration 2019

Walk of the drunk Rover

A drunkard walks on the pavement in a straight line to return home.
Completely drunk, he does not control his progress and he could as
easily take a step forward as a step backward.

Author: Yvan Haine, Michelle Solhosse

Argomento:  Mathematics

Tags: Sharing Inspiration 2019

New Generation of Data Collection Tools

This is a wide-ranging workshop which will delve into the different areas from sensors, probes, coding with TI-84 and HUB to limitations and solutions.

Publisher: T³ Türkiye

Author: Yunus Emre Doğan

Argomento:  Mathematics, STEM

Tags: Linear regression, Regression, Sharing Inspiration 2019, STEM, T3, Temperature, TI-Innovator, Tips and tricks

Peltier Home

The aim of this activity is to obtain electrical energy with the difference of temperature by running reverse operation.

Author: İsmail DÖNMEZ, Gultekin Cakmakci

Argomento:  STEM

Tags: Acceleration, Algebra, Dynamic Simulations, Functions, Mathematical thinking, Mechanics, Modeling, Physics, Sharing Inspiration 2019, Stochastics, Sustainability