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(Rover) Move the traffic cone for the TI-84 Plus CE Python (Math in Motion Plus)

In this activity, students will use their knowledge of polygons, the coordinate plane, and equations of lines to write code to complete a set of challenges.

Publisher: Texas Instruments Inc.

Author: Texas Instruments Inc.

Argomento:  Matematica

Tags  Python ,  Geometria analitica

Students exercise their knowledge of polygons, the coordinate plane, and equations of lines by writing Python code to control the TI-Rover.




Material List:

  • 3’x3’ Butcher paper
  • 3 colors of sticky dots
  • Miniature traffic cones (or some other object(s) to move)


Math Topic: Algebra 1 — the coordinate plane, collinear points, equations of lines


Project Materials 

Download Teacher Document   PDF link  Word Doc link

Download Student Challenge Handout Document   PDF link  Word Doc link

Download Teacher example Python programs   Zip  link

Download Student guiding Python programs    Zip link

See a quick demonstration of the final challenge (watch video)



Learn to do the project yourself 

Download Meet the Rover Geometry Challenge PDF at this link

Download Getting Started and Beyond PDF at this link

10 Minutes of Code for Python Unit 1: Getting Started with Python link

10 Minutes of Code for Python with Hub and Rover do units 1 (Hub) and 4 (Rover) link


Setting up

Update your TI-84 Plus CE Python, TI SmartView CE emulator software and TI-Innovator sketch link

Download a tutorial on using the TI Connect CE software for program editing and transferring files to and from your calculator  PDF link  

Download a step-by-step guide to updating your TI-Innovator Hub and Rover  PDF link



See other projects at www.TIstemProjects.com

Contact stem-team@ti.com with questions or comments about the project.


Publisher specific license