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Recording of Sharing Inspiration: A journey from the binomial theorem to mathematical art

From binomial coefficients to Pascal Triangle and Sierpinksi-like fractals by developing your own program in Python.

Publisher: T³ Europe

Editor: Ian Galloway

Author: Robert Cabane

Argomento:  Matematica  Informatica

Tags  Python ,  Pascal ,  Sierpinski ,  Sharing Inspiration 2022

Starting with the simple question of the computation of the binomial coefficients for large numbers, we'll try to program our own algorithms in Python language and compare them. The resulting Pascal triangle will then be graphically displayed, leading to a Sierpinksi-like fractal. 


Watch the recording:

Sharing Inspiration 2022: A journey from the binomial theorem to mathematical art-20220602 1503-1



See also the provided slides and other supplemental materials: 


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