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Video | MINT med TI-Nspire - Experiment

Utöka programmering till STEM-experiment genom att läsa data från sensorer med hjälp av TI-Innovator Hub

Publisher: Texas Instruments Sverige | Education Technology

Argomento:  STEM

Tags: Sharing Inspiration 2017, STEM

Widdget exempel - Vågrörelser

Exemplet visar vågrörelser där man bl.a. tar hänsyn till hur ljuset bryts.

Publisher: T³ Sverige

Argomento:  Mathematics, Physics, STEM

Tags: Sharing Inspiration 2017, Engineering, Physics, STEM

Transversals in Triangles

Simple properties of medians, central verticals, angle bisectors and heights are shown.The idea is to show that it is not self-evident, that transversal lines in a triangle intersect in one…

Author: Dieter Bergmann

Argomento:  Mathematics

Tags: 2D shapes, Algebra, Analysis, Analytic Geometry, Animations, Calculus, Chaos, Derivative, Didactics, Dynamic Simulations, Dynamic Systems, Equations, Function Plotter, Functions, Geometry, Graphing, Sharing Inspiration 2017, Solving equations, Triangle, Zeros

TI-Innovator Hub/BLE Control Panel

This Lua document offers quick and easy access to all of the TI Innovator Hub functions and is a suitable template for Lua authors seeking to implement the Hub in their teaching and learni…

Author: Stephen Arnold

Argomento:  STEM

Tags: Sharing Inspiration 2017, STEM

Closing remarks for Sharing Inspiration 2017

Closing comments and taking our ideas forward

Publisher: T³ Europe

Author: Ian Galloway

Argomento:  STEM

Tags: Computer Algebra, Limit, Sharing Inspiration 2017, STEM

The New Content Portal

A short presentation of the new content portal

Author: HR Geyer

Argomento:  Other

Tags: Sharing Inspiration 2017, Engineering, Physics, STEM